Create stronger bounds within your remote teams

Virtual cooking corporate events with ingredients delivered

Virtual cooking events for teams

Bring your remote employees together

Coffee & tea breaks

Take a break and create a spectacular sweet or salty snack together

for up to 10 people

Networking lunch

Cook a quick, easy and healthy recipe and eat together with colleagues at a virtual meet-up

for up to 10 people

Interactive cooking parties

Street food, pizza, crazy burger ideas, tacos and cocktails

  Custom-made events
for up to 100 people


How it works

1. Select your format & recipe
2. Invite your team members who will get a list of ingredients
3. Buy your ingredients or get them delivered to every door*
4. Join our chef on Zoom
5. Cook & enjoy your food

*Please give us a list of cities & countries of residence of your team members to evaluate a door to door delivery option.

An offer for HR, executive assistants and wellbeing professionals

FREE TRIAL for the virtual cooking course so you can experience yourself an engaging power of cooking. 

Are you an HR, executive assistant or wellbeing professional responsible for employees engagement and benefits? Contact us to claim your free trial event. Mention “Wellness trial” in the text field.

Our most popular courses and recipes

Virtual cooking experiences for groups guided by chefs

Street food of the world

Indian bread selection: butter and cheese naan, masala dosa

1h 30m

Sweet and salty snacks

Sweet and salty homemade granola with fruits


Taco cornes party

Chicken and vegetarian tacos with salsa, guacamole and sour cream

 1h 30m

Vegetarian & vegan

Aubergine, feta, roasted cashews, and taco crisps


 Custom-made event with ingredients delivered

Plan a special all-inclusive culinary experience

Engage your remote team with an experience they will never forget, with ingredients delivered to every door